About us

Launched in 2020, with the mission to provide fair and affordable capital to promote social mobility. We bring an innovative spirit and disruptive DNA, which we focus towards generating value for customers with every step we take.

Our purpose is to make our customers' financial journey in life more manageable by offering personalised loans. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to offer adaptable loans that help our customers reach their financial goals. We use a combination of data points about customers to understand past, current and future financial situations in order to provide the most affordable loan at all times. This helps our customers to worry less about their ability to make their loan payments, which in turn decreases our risk of default. A win-win!

We take a fresh and innovative perspective on affordability to offer customers a loan that considers their month-to-month spending habits.

Our Mission

It is our core belief that the main mission of the consumer credit market should be to drive social mobility. High rates of default and in consequence unnecessarily high prices, strongly inhibit that mission. Our unique approach of linking the costs of the loans to affordability reduces the risk for us and the borrowers alike and in turn allows us to bring prices down.

Through that, we believe we can help millions of individuals take control of their finances with loans that are invested in their success and thereby improve social mobility.

With you

We understand the struggles we all face in different stages of our careers, it can be difficult. That's why we brought GOCAP into existence in the first place: to relieve professionals of the worry that their income won't suffice for the next loan payment. Through our income-linked structure, that adjusts to current income, we are here to help!